GVB Easy Flex

GVB Easy Flex

Do you spend €10 per month or more on travel costs? If so, save with GVB Easy Flex! Receive a 10 to 41% discount on all your GVB journeys and take advantage of all the other Flex benefits as well.

  • With GVB Easy Flex, you always receive a 10% discount on the journeys you make with GVB. And for 4 to 11 years or 65+, you receive an age discount up to 41%
  • Travel without e-purse balance throughout the Netherlands and pay retroactively each month
  • Keep up to date with your travel costs with a travel costs notification and get a 24/7 overview of your travel costs
  • Can be changed to other Flex variants each month
  • GVB Easy Flex applies for an indefinite period from the start date. It can be stopped from 1 month after the start date and only with effect from the 1st day of the following month
  • Combine with other travel products you pay for retroactively
  • Claim your travel costs easily with our overview of your travel costs
  • Arrange everything online 24/7 via MyGVB using the free GVB app
  • Also suitable for business use
  • GVB Easy Flex is not valid on the train

For GVB Flex you need a personal OV-chipkaart. If you don't have a personal OV-chipkaart, you can request one here.

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GVB Easy Flex


€ 1,-

per month (excl. traveling costs)


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